Providing Family Immigration Services In Arabic, Spanish And English

Bringing their family members to the United States is a goal for many immigrants. At Abdelhadi & Associates, PC, our lawyers will help you reach this goal through family-based immigration. We also help our clients obtain fiancé (e) visas.

From our law office in Dallas, we serve green card holders and naturalized U.S. citizens in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and throughout Texas. Call 469-249-9835 to discuss your objectives with a lawyer at our firm.

Who Is Eligible For Family-Based Immigration?

Green card holders and U.S. citizens can sponsor members of their immediate family, including spouses and unmarried children, for visas to live and work in the United States. If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, you can also sponsor married children, brothers and sisters.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) limits the number of family-based visas it issues each year. For this reason, it's important to work with an experienced immigration attorney.

To increase your chances of success, our attorneys will prepare you by conducting an in-depth interview in our office. We will act in the role of an immigration officer to prepare you for the types of questions you will be need to answer and coach you on your responses. We will also help you draft the documentation that you will need to supply.

For More Information About Family-Based Immigration And Fiancé (e) Visas

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